Friday, April 26, 2013

Take a stroll with me through Mother Theresa's Garden

Gardening is something many mothers love to do and, therefore, pass down to their children. In my family, it's no different. Theresa Enyeart (my mom) is so creative with how she puts things together. She gets so many compliments from neighbors, family, and friends. In this post, I will attempt to take you on a stroll  through her beautiful garden. While we walk, we can discuss where she found her items. I am sure you will be surprised that most of her gardening items and accessories are Estate Sale finds or Auction buys (LOL).  Let's get started!

First, I am going to start by saying every time my family and I go to visit my Mom and Dad in Pittsburgh, I can not wait to see the beautiful flowers in bloom. This past year her front yard looked awesome. My favorite was the Nikko Blue Hydrangea and all the tall mondo grass that surrounded it.  The Nikko Blue Hydrangea is the most common class of Hydrangea. It grows best in fertile, well drained soil.  Nikko Blue's perfer to be in full sun but in really hot climates part shade. Make sure you water your Hydrangea regularly.

Past the hydrangea and up the steps you will find the first few planters of many more to come. 
One of her favorite things to use in planters and through the garden is sweet potato vine. This is among the most popular container garden plants.  This annual vine grows extremely fast and has a great impact for any garden. Theresa tells me all the time how beautiful it looks because of the bright chartreuse color.  It accents just about any other plant that you have in your container or in your garden.  What do you notice that is unique about this planter? Well, I call it, "Theresa's Touch". The bird nest that is placed ever so gently in the planter to create more of a visual appeal. Nice.

Let's head to the back shall we? In the picture to the right the planter is something my mother 
got at an estate sale years ago. She only paid $3 bucks for it :) When you take a look through Theresa's garden you will notice planters everywhere. She makes a point to look for them at estate sales for practically nothing. In fact, when I go up to visit I always end up taking a few home with me. Shhhh...please don't tell....As we progress, you will stroll past the pink Begonia. Aren't they the perfect punch of color in the front garden? The Begoniais an annual that blooms repeatedly. It comes in a variety of colors. It is surrounded by a mix of mondo grass, tulips, and a variegated ground cover. 

That will wrap up today's walk. You should check back to see what's beyond the fence! 
Regardless, hope your gardening this Spring and Summer is great exercise for your mind and soul!